Meet The Owner,
Rafeeqa Williams

My name is Rafeeqa Williams BSN, RN, CEO. I have been in healthcare since 2005 and a nurse for over a decade. My goal is to support my community with ways to utilize both traditional and non-traditional methods that support prevention versus reaction! We are here to ACTIV8 Your Total Wellness and support overall Health and Beauty Goals! 💙

Why Activ8 Total Wellness?

We at ACTIV8 Total Wellness are passionate about providing IV therapy so that you can achieve the best possible health and vitality. Our wellness services give you a foundation for achieving optimal wellness, whether you’re trying to take charge of your health or need assistance battling chronic illness. Our services are specially created to support renewal, revitalization, and living for Total Wellness.

We use only the most advanced formulations to keep you feeling your best. Our extensive selection of intravenous nutrient therapies – vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – is custom tailored to your individual needs and administered by our highly-skilled, friendly nurses.